Minou Norouzi

Filmmaker, writer, organiser-of-things


Selected publications

“The Empathic Resonance of Village of Women (2019): Cinematic Expansion through Retreat in Studies in Empathic Engagements in Art History and Practice. Palgrave Macmillan (forthcoming)
“Keren Cytter and the Heimatfilm: Through the Lens of Geographical and Cultural Displacement” in Travelers, Wanderers, Nomads and Visitors: Thinking German Film History from the Margins. Berghahn Books (forthcoming)
On Discomfort and Empathy in Rosalind Nashashibi’s Electrical Gaza”, in Focus Issue 11: Representing Women’s Realities, MAI: Feminism and Visual Culture Journal (2023)
Not Another Moment of Your Salvation: Documentary, Art Practice, and Their Empathic Misadventures” in Constructions of the Real: Intersections of Documentary-Based Film Practice and Theory, Intellect Books (2023)
Confessions of a Documentary Junkie: 2022 Love & Anarchy Festival Picks“, No Niin Magazine (2022)
Relearning Forgotten Practices of Communication in a World after Catastrophe: On Empathy and Sky Hopinka“,
Non-Fiction Journal (2020)
The Communicative Power of Silence: ‘Why Are You Angry?’, Another Gaze 03 (2019)